The Why...

Dear Seeking Souls,

How desperate are you?

Do you feel like a drowning man/woman reaching for a life preserver? Are you drowning in a sea of shame, remorse, self-doubt, childhood wounding, trauma, guilt, and low self-esteem?

Are you playing out your past in the now in order to ignore the necessary work needed to rise above it?

Are you trapped in the energy of PTSD?

Are you unable to connect on a deep level with your daughter or son?

Are you unable to hold, love and protect the feminine in your life?

Are you unable to set healthy boundaries and allowing destructive masculine energy to control you?

Are you unable to look in the mirror and love who you see?

Are you lost in the sea of this false existence and unable to see a way out?

Are you numbing your feelings with alcohol, drugs, sex, media, and other forms of unhealthy behaviors?

Are you stuck in victim mode and justifying your unhealthy behaviors because of the past you feel you didn't deserve?

As a survivor who has become a “Thriver”, I learned how to Alchemize my childhood traumas and wounding into a burning flame of Inspiration.  I have deep wisdom in addiction, trauma, and PTSD recovery.  I’ve been sober from All substances for over 22 ½ years and I guide people inward through the natural breath only.

My awakening was triggered during a Shamanic Breathwork session over 3 years ago. I now desire to train others to guide souls back home.  We will build a soul family during our retreats in Sedona, Teotihuacan and weekly zooms that will lean on one another as brothers and sisters along the path.

During my Activation Breathwork Facilitator Training we will be diving into the depth of the subconscious belief systems that have you chained to your past that keeps kicking your ass.

“Ocean Eagle, you are a master at guiding others and your intuition was incredible!” 

- Raquel -

Weekly Zoom Training.

Our weekly zoom training sessions will be approximately 1 hour long. We will have a live meeting or two prior to the opening retreat in Sedona. We will pick up the meetings the week after the retreat. There will be 2 or 3 off weeks for personal time and integration. I will guide you through each module and demonstrate live and via screen sharing of pre-recorded videos. I will never use a clock so if we need to go longer we will end when we All feel complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This Journey and Offering will help you understand only You have the answer to that question. You are the Answer you have always been searching for! The question I offer is:

"Are you Ready to Surrender to the Unknown and Trust Your Own Intuition

That Guided You to Even Pose This Question?"

Go Within the Stillness and Ask Your SELF this question..... I'm sure Your Answer will come!

Does this Training Offer a Certification?

I don't believe in certification and have no written certification from any entity or organization. I choose to remain sovereign in my offerings and life. We all have the right and power to certify ourselves. My hope is to offer a container where you can step into the Gift the Creator gave you to express in this lifetime. If you choose to offer Activation Breathwork in your offerings when the journey is complete I encourage it. Give it your unique name and go out to the world awakening humanity as you guide them inward through The Breath, Sound, Touch, and Love!

The Retreat Dates

July 22-25th

Sedona, Az. at a beautiful private home!

The Retreat Dates

December 30th-January 7th (subject to group)

The Dreaming House

Teotihuacan, Mexico.

"The Depth of Your Healing is Directly Dependent on the Depth of Your Surrender!" OE

Are You Ready?

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